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Individual Medical Devices for Professional Patient Care

Medical devices from Raguse

Surgical drapes and operation room sets

A special strength of the Raguse Group of Companies is next to the production and trade of medical devices like surgical drapes and operation room sets (surgical sets) the realization of special solutions meeting customer demands. The development of custom-built products happens in close cooperation with you as our customer. This includes the production even in small batch sizes of 50 pieces up to an amount of 10.000 pieces.

Application areas of our medical devices

  • General surgery
  • Orthopedics / traumatology
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Heart, thoracic, vascular, neurosurgery
  • Gynecology
  • Urology

Special solutions in the field of medical devices – surgical sets, surgical drapes and many more

We produce premium medical devices to the highest quality standards for all our customers at our 3 production locations on a daily basis. Surgical drapes and cost-saving (economical) surgical sets for all operative disciplines are the business card of the Raguse Group of Companies. We are also the sole manufacturer of organ pouches for the transplantation surgery in Germany.

For more than 35 years we satisfy our customers with special product solutions for efficient and reliable applications. A constantly high product quality that is monitored by an internal quality management system guarantees maximum product safety. By constantly examining and optimizing our products like surgical drapes and surgical sets as well as numerous new developments and special solutions Raguse is a key player in the market for medical devices.

Our products, sterile and non-sterile

  • Surgical drapes, standard and individual
  • Surgical gowns, coated and uncoated
  • Camera drapes
  • Equipment drapes
  • Surgical accessories
  • Surgical sets / custom procedure trays


Our product portfolio in the field of medical products ranges from surgical drapes over surgical gowns to custom procedure trays. It covers all professional disciplines. In addition to our standard program we implement our customers’ individual wishes even for small batch volumes.

Here you find an excerpt of our portfolio that we produce both for the consumer in sterile version and in non-sterile version for the industry and processors.

Surgical drapes

Our surgical drapes are available in different designs both in sterile and non-sterile versions and thus adapt perfectly to every need.

  • Surgical drape
  • Surgical drape – self-adhesive
  • Hole drapes
  • Hole drapes – self-adhesive
  • Window drapes
  • Angiography drapes
  • Cardiothoracic drapes
  • TUR drapes
  • Ophthalmology drapes
  • Vertical drapes
  • Split drapes
  • Perineal drapes
  • Extremity drapes
  • Gynecology drapes
  • ENT drapes

Surgical gowns

Our disposable surgical gowns serve as a barrier for transmission of infectious agents between operators, patients, and third parties during surgical and other invasive procedures. Depending on customer requirements we produce our surgical gowns from SMS or Spunlace material.

  • surgical gowns, standard
  • surgical gowns, coated
  • surgical gowns, material strengthened

Surgical drape sets / Custom procedure trays

Among our diversified standard program we produce and arrange surgery complete sets according to your specific requirements in order to ensure an efficient use of surgical materials in the surgery.

Our highly experienced medical device consultants support you with the composition of surgical sets.

For our product portfolio we use materials of well-known manufacturers.

Here an excerpt from our diverse specialist disciplines:

  • General surgery
  • Orthopedics / traumatology
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Heart surgery / Thoracic surgery / Vascular surgery / Neurosurgery
  • Gynecology
  • Urology

Transplantation Sets

Our non-sterile transplantation sets serve as safe storage for human organs and bones during transplantations. We supply to the transplant coordination center in Germany.

  • Heart transplant set
  • Bone transplant set
  • Kidney transplant set
  • Liver transplant set

Our transplantation sets are designed for the following temperatures:
From -40°C to +60°C

Equipment covering

We offer a range of different equipment drapes. If you require a special drape, please feel free to contact us. Among other articles we deliver the following equipment drapes:

  • Camera covers
  • Measuring station hoods
  • Measuring station drapes
  • Nose drape
  • C-arm covers
  • Transparent pouch with a cord


In addition to our diversified product range of surgical drapes and sets we offer further supplementary products:

  • Instrument (mayo) stand covers
  • Stool covers
  • Armrest covers with or without tape
  • Protective arm sleeves
  • Diathermy pouches
  • Protective leg sleeves
  • Velcro strips

Material presentation

All Raguse drape materials fulfill the DIN Standard 13795 with a water column according to EN 20811. Further standards like the absence of particles, absorption capacity, impermeability to microorganisms, and tensile strength are more than fulfilled.

We collaborate with certified suppliers and you can be assured that the products, that you comply to the highest quality standard.

The following is a selection of our basic fleece materials:

Spunbond, two-layer material
The structure material Spunbond consists of polypropylene fibers which are laminated with a PE film. The advantage of the material is the highly effective barrier against bacteria, the impermeability of blood and other liquids, and a good drapeability.

Spunbond, three-layer material
The initial point is the two-layer Spunbond material. Additionally, there is a second layer of the Spunbond material attached to PE film. The additional benefit of this material is that during lengthy operative interventions the patient does not become hypothermic.

Viscose, two-layer material
This material is double-layered with an absorbing Drylaid-Viscose on the top side and a watertight poly ethylene on the bottom side. The material is characterized by its high barrier against bacteria, impermeability of blood and other liquids, and especially its lint-free surface.

Surgical drapes from Spuntex consist of poly propylene fleece coated with a layer of a poly ethylene film. This material is suited for interventions with a high occurrence of liquids.

SMS material
Surgical drapes (systems) and surgical clothing from SMS is composed of three-layer non-woven (fleece) structure material. This material suits for all surgical drape (systems) due to its lint-free surface, breathability, and tensile strength.

This material benefits from its used fibers that form barriers against bacteria, blood and other liquids. Furthermore, they ensure a high wearing comfort to the surgical clothing.

Spunlace material
Spunlace surgical drape (systems) and surgical clothing consist of fleece material and stand out due to their smooth surface. Besides the benefits of forming a barrier against bacteria, repelling blood and other liquids, being lint-free and providing a high wearing comfort, the material is breathable and tear-proof.

Coating materials

Absorbtion fleece
For interventions with high emergence of liquids during surgery we coat our drapes with an additional two-layer Spunbond absorption fleece.

Triobond three-layer
This strongly absorbent material is produced from a Spunbond/Airlaid - raw material. Due to its third layer of PE film it is impermeable for blood and other liquids, and moreover, it is very tear-proof. This material is suitable for interventions with high emergence of liquids.