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Individual Medical Devices for Professional Patient Care



With our ultrasonic coating plant we combine absorbent pad with surgical drapes. We process covering material in widths of up to 150 cm and at a length of up to 400 cm. We process the absorbent pads at a width of maximum 97 cm and a length of 250 cm. Depending on the customer demand we combine liquid-repellent with liquid-absorbent fleece material.

Tear sealing

There are covering materials used for different applications in the operating room. In order to simplify the doctors’ activities in the operating room we create openings in multi-layer materials. With our ultrasonic-tear-sealing equipment we simultaneously separate and weld multi-layer fleece materials in order to ensure comfortable operation in the operating room.


In many cases doctors require a better insight into the operating area. For this purpose the window drapes provided by Raguse is the appropriate material. With our welding presses we integrate transparent films as windows into our surgical drapes.


In order to guarantee an ideal safety in the operating room different forms and types of materials need to be combined. With our hot-melt equipment we ensure fast strengthening of the bond seam that joins our fleece materials tear-proofly.


In our machine park we have beam cutting presses and swivel head swages. With our stamping systems we produce, depending on customers’ demands, openings of different sizes and forms.


With our cutting machines we cut all kind of fleece materials for the production of our medical devices. Our machines enable us to cut rolled goods into required length and quantity so that our customers can be assured that the demanded measurements are met.


For an efficient and compact use of the packaging room we bundle our manufactured measuring station hoods, measuring station drapes, and nose hoods. For this purpose we use our high-performance bundling machine.


With our packaging machines we pack your articles in sterilisable packaging units and provide them with your print (image). Our 6 forming stations enable the packaging of your medical devices up to a width of 20 cm, a length of 37,5 cm, and depths of 4 to 48 mm. Further, it is possible to extend the program of the forming stations.