Raguse Gesellschaft für medizinische Produkte mbH
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Individual Medical Devices for Professional Patient Care


Raguse – Medical devices with passion

Human’s health requires highest commitment. We as a company have recognized this fact! Since the foundation in the year 1980 it is the claim and tradition of Raguse to serve industrial customers, traders, hospitals and doctors competently, flexibly, and reliably with a high range of surgical drapes, surgical gowns and surgical sets (CPT) both in the domestic market and in the foreign markets.

  • competent because we have almost 40 years of experience by now both within the production of standard products and the configuration and production of customized products and solutions
  • flexible because as an owner-managed company of a medium-sized character with our short decision making processes, our motivated staff and an excellent technical equipment we are able to meet almost any customer requirement from simple basics to sophisticated sets
  • reliable because we obviously work for many years now on the basis of a fully developed quality management system that undergoes continuous development and improvement on the basis of ISO 13485 Standard and is regularly audited by independent (notified) bodies

We are a learning organization; this is what we all attach great importance to at Raguse. This means for us that we comply with all applicable legal and other requirements regarding our products and activities and focus highly on the satisfaction of our customers and business associates. In doing so we are driven by the wish to manage our business sustainably: The avoidance of environmental pollution, gentle treatment of resources, and fair business relationships to all involved parties is our idea of entrepreneurial responsibility.

We are aware that our company’s advancement to an internationally recognized medical devices manufacturer depends on the following requirement: We have to recognize and fulfill the requirements of our customers but also other business associates and employees that contribute to the success of our company on a daily basis.

The strength of our company is incorporated not only in the applied technologies and manufactured products but especially in our employees. Well educated, highly motivated, and sensitized to the company they act responsibly and goal oriented. With their capability and commitment they contribute decisively to our goal achievement and hence to the success of the whole company.

Our employees are important to us and this is the reason why it goes without saying that we offer a safe and sound working environment to our employees and other parties. It is also obvious that we comply with all requirements regarding occupational safety and safety at work. Working at Raguse should be fun. Personal development and taking over responsibility is part of our culture.

This all sounds well-founded to you - When can we convince you of our strengths?